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Agrim Khurana

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Award Winning

I have been successfully freelancing with front-end development, back-end development and video effects for over 7 years and i have recently diversified my set of skills into the designing industry as well.

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Reach Me Anytime

Use the contact form or any of the links mentioned on the website to contact me regarding any queries. I usually reply within 24hours. You can also skype or wechat me. The IDs are mentioned on the contact page,

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Foreseeable Costs

I charge either on the basis of a project or depending on the type of work as low as USD20/Per Hour.

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Quality Work

I believe in user compatible services and so i work towards fulfilling the needs of the client.

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Goal Oriented

To see people amazed, astonished and content with the finished product, is the reason why my work matters so much!

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I Go the Extra Mile

I like my clients satisfied and depending on the project I’m up for revisions. I always over deliver!

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